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These 10 ft x 10 ft backdrops are idea for a wide range of uses including formal press conferences, training videos, speaking engagements and recruiting. They are affordable and portable. Production time for these is approximately two to three weeks including design, production and delivery.

Well designed and written PowerPoint presentations can be high effective communications tools for law enforcement agencies. With the features of PowerPoint today presentations can go far beyond the boring text-on-a-page to include extreme graphics, video, illustrations and interactive digital. We create outstanding PowerPoint presentations for special events, investigations and media relations (sample shown is for an annual awards banquet for the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office - Fort Worth TX).

This is an example of a press conference about an Officer Involved shooting where a 13 year old was shot by the officer. A press conference which drew a high level of media and public interest. When the spokesperson opened it up to the media for questions the reporters cannot be clearly heard. CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO FULL STORY)

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