POLICEONE.COM STORY LINK --- This story is gaining media coverage both in the LEO trade media and mainstream media. It will be interesting to see how much impact it has across large and small law enforcement organizations. I think it would be a good idea for law enforcement agencies to have an ongoing annual four-hour "Social Media Update" class much like we have updates for Use of Force, OC, and other TCOLE requirements. The class would cover latest trends in social media, highlight where it is used for both communications and investigations, and show LEOs examples of where it has ruined careers. Review the current agency Social Media policy, strategies and tactics.

Excellent on-camera skill by Hartford CT Deputy Police Chief Brian Foley. Command of the information and delivery without any notes. He set the narrative and the pace of the interview. This level of on-camera skill does not come naturally it takes experience at on-camera interviews. In small and medium size agencies where chiefs and command staff do not have many opportunities to gain on-camera experience we provide media-interaction-training. (CLICK HERE - ARTICLE LINK)

Good article about the Social Media role in helping LEOs with the grieving process during LODD of a brother or sister. (CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE)

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