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Effective News Management Results in Positive Media Coverage

Managing agency news on a daily basis is a key element to creating a strong agency brand and building a reputation for integrity and honesty. We help you identify and create positive news about the agency, and effectively manage negative news and false reporting. Our media delivery and communications strategy is to make your agency web site and social media your main "media" and news delivery channel. This ensures your press release, news story and feature article is delivered to citizens unfiltered by news reporters.

  • Press Releases – Write, edit, news Media Distribution.

  • Feature Stories – Topic identification, story development, write, edit, news media distribution.

  • Incident Statements – Write, edit, web site postings, news/social media distribution.

  • Press Conferences – Set-up, media kits, news media reporter invitations, conference coordination.

  • Media Interviews – Reporter meeting coordination, pre-interview coaching, on-camera support.

  • Law Enforcement Awards - Identifying of awards, application submission, media coverage of presentations.

  • Events - Event coordination, publicity, news media coverage, social media postings.

  • Photography – Incidents, agency events, new officers, promotions of personnel.

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