We Develop Effective Media Strategies for Law Enforcement Agencies


A comprehensive, pro-active media strategy is the foundation for a strong and trusted law enforcement agency brand. Media strategy includes a solid communications program for clear and consistent messages, a well-designed Website as the agency’s primary media platform, social media pages for citizen interaction and an experienced PIO to manage everything. We provide a part-time, as-needed, highly experienced PIO, along with the social media development and web site design resources. This service model provides smaller law enforcement agencies with the same senior level PIO experience and resources found in large law enforcement agencies, on an affordable budget. 

   M E D I A    S T R A T E G Y    S E R V I C E S   I N C L U D E :

  • Agency-Media Relations Assessment – Prepare an overall media communications strategy for your agency.

  • Review of Print and Broadcast Media – Determine which news media is most likely to cover your agency.

  • Media Relations Policy Development – Create, deliver and manage effective agency media relations policy.

  • Social Media Policy Development – Develop and manage a social media policy with clear boundaries.

  • Media Interview Coordination – Topic development, pre-interview preparation, interview management.

  • Journalist Relationship Development – Help command staff build solid relationships with news reporters.

  • Wrongful News Media Coverage Response - Create plan and tactics for rapid-response to false reporting.

  • Media Events - Manage ride-alongs, briefings, lunches, and relationship-building events with reporters.


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