Howard LaMunion, Founding Partner



M 214.601.0977

The Consulttus Group, Inc. was founded by Howard LaMunion in March 1999 in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas. LaMunion led day-to-day operations and managed key client relationships for ten years at Consulttus, before he transitioned careers into law enforcement.  


Prior to launching Consulttus, LaMunion served in executive marketing, media relations and Web solutions management positions at large publicly traded companies as well as several Dallas/Fort-Worth venture-funded start-up firms. 

Today, LaMunion serves as a full-time Dallas/Fort-Worth LEO and off-duty he works with Consulttus clients. LaMunion’s LEO experience includes 11 years in patrol, five years of which was with the Dallas Police Department and the past six years with another large Dallas/Fort Worth law enforcement agency. LaMunion has served as an FTO, Instructor, Fatality Crash Investigator and he holds a TCOLE Master Peace Officer certification. 


LaMunion has a Syracuse University BS Degree in public relations/media communications, graduated from the Eastfield College Regional Police Academy and the Dallas Police Academy.

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