PIO Service Bundles are Configured to Provide Smaller North Texas Law Enforcement Agencies with an Affordable Part-Time  "PIO Office"


An agency with 10 or fewer sworn officers is likely going to be a close match for our BASIC bundle. The agency will have a limited need for general media/communications support. Its incident volume will probably generate a level of activity for us to create up to four press releases per month. Facebook and Twitter pages should only need to be updated weekly and there will be a small amount of monthly Web site editing.  The INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED and MASTER bundles are more closely suited for medium size agencies with 11 to 50-plus sworn officers, however, the agency does not have on-staff PIO, social media or Web design personnel. These larger service bundles provide greater media strategy development, general PIO support, news management, feature article development, social media management, Web site management, media interaction training, media interviews, press conferences and a number of services.  In addition, ADVANCED and MASTER bundles provided expanded services including telephone PIO support, media interaction training and 24/7 major incident on-scene response.


M O N T H L Y   S E R V I C E    B U N D L E S / F E E S  -  CLICK PDF

  • BASIC – 12 hours of PIO services per month

  • INTERMEDIATE – 22 hours of PIO services per montyh 

  • ADVANCED – 32 hours of PIO services per month

  • MASTER – 50 hours of PIO services per month

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