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Why a Press Conference ... (YAWN) ...

Many times a PD/SO has important information for the public and media which it does need to communicate. However, not all topics are worthy of a press conference. This is one of those topics where the information about the recent upswing in shootings could have been prepared in a 400 word press release and posted to the agency web site, rolled out over Facebook and Twitter as well as emailed to the news media. The release could have contained updates on the specific shootings. The danger in holding a press conference on a topic that is (yawn) not breaking news, does not deliver any new information about an arrest etc. opens the door for the news reporters in attendance to go off top and the next thing you know tomorrows headline is about something other than the press conference you held. In addition, to many press conferences about (yawn) non-breaking news you will lose the interest of reporters and they may stop coming. Best news management strategy is use your own agency "media" (Web site, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) for all news distribution unless the topic/incident is so hot, so breaking and/or there is a clear an present danger to the public you need to have the news media involved. (CLICK HERE - ABC NEWS STORY LINK)

Photo of Chief and Mayor from the Press Conference


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