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Brand Strength, Marketing Tactics Help Smaller TX PDs in Recruiting/Retention

Good TV news story featuring the City of Anna Police Department in Collin County TX (CLICK HERE) highlighting the unique challenges smaller police agencies here in DFW are having competing against larger agencies to retain and attract officers, from a shrinking overall pool of officers. As younger officers abandon the profession all-together, and older officers flee to retirement, the smaller agencies are finding it more challenging to compete on salary. This has caused some agencies to begin marketing their culture-closeness, family-like working environment and highlighting their rapid growth trajectory to retain and attract personnel. City of Anna Chief Jeff Caponera is featured in this story and talks about how Anna PD’s culture is enabling APD to attract quality officers to their rapidly growing Collin County City. Part of Chief Caponera’s culture building was initiating a complete “Brand-Refresh” with the launch of a comprehensive social media platform which included a new and modern website, Twitter site and Facebook site. The platform is being used for inclusive communications with rapidly increasing number of new residents and businesses moving into Anna as well as a recruiting tool for new prospective officers. We designed and built the social media platform and website for APD.

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