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Cop Watchers-Creators of Anti-Cop Fake News

In the ongoing effort to make cops look bad the cop-watchers continue to do their part in creating fake news. In this video they were filming at the Tarrant County (Fort Worth TX) Sheriff's Office North Patrol Division station, from outside the secure area. The video was taken on a Saturday evening when the only employees at the location were patrol personnel and the location was not open to the public. Also, there are no handicap persons working at this location. In addition, the parking lot is a secure area which is not open to the public. The cop-watchers filmed a patrol sergeant back-up his Tahoe to the rear door of the station to unload gear bags. Handicap parking spaces are adjacent to the rear entry door area. What the cop-watcher edited out of the video was when the sergeant finished unload the Tahoe he immediately came out and moved it to the front of the building. More fake-news ....



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