Social Media Development and Management


Social media is now the most referred to media by citizens looking for information and news about their law enforcement agencies. An effective social media program is proactive, provides for rapid release of accurate information, responds quickly to negative or misleading postings and provides an environment for citizens to freely interact with your agency. It also provides valuable metrics for measuring citizen communication effectiveness.


We offer multiple levels of social media service which can easily be configured to match the needs and budgets of small and medium-size agencies. We create social media sites which are informative and easy to read, and manage your agency presence across multiple social media channels. We work closely with your agency to ensure message accuracy, rapid posting and careful monitoring. We also provide metrics reporting of both positive and negative social media news, and assist in responding to negative/untrue information. 


M A N A G E D   B Y   H I G H L Y   E X P E R I E N C E D   L E O s :

  • Strategy - Develop agency social media strategies and policies.

  • Messaging  - Create agency message consistency and distinction across all social media platforms.

  • Content - Develop and manage news content for social media sites.

  • Performance - Establish reporting and metrics of social media coverage of agency.

  • Counsel - Act as an adviser, consultant and expert to agency command staff on social media matters.


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