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Founded by Howard LaMunion in 1999 - Based in Dallas/Fort Worth TX

Howard LaMunion Dallas PD CLOSE UP R237

Texas Police PIO Services is part of The Consulttus Group, Inc. The company was

founded in March 1999 by Howard LaMunion. LaMunion currently is a Patrol

Sergeant with one of the largest law enforcement agencies in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Prior to this position he served with the Dallas Police Department. LaMunion

has his TCOLE Master Peace Officer license, Advanced Instructor Certification,

served as a Field Training Officer, Fatality Crash Investigator and has extensive

experience in media relations management in law enforcement, municipal and

corporate positions. LaMunion has a  Syracuse University BS degree in

media communications management.


Texas Police PIO Services provides media relations, social media

development and website design services for north Texas law

enforcement agencies which do not have full-time PIOs.

Howard LaMunion

Founding Partner

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