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We Provide On-Site TCOLE Class Instruction by Certified TCOLE Instructors


In the current environment of shift-staffing challenges, especially for small and medium size North Texas law enforcement agencies, getting personnel to required TCOLE classes at local academies, or the larger agencies with an in-house academy, can be difficult. We make it easy for your agency to deliver on-site flexible TCOLE training classes for both the current cycle training requirements as well as for advanced certifications.  Our on-site TCOLE class scheduling solutions include both day-shift and night-shift classes which provides your agency with the convenience and efficiency of an "in-house" academy. 

  • TCOLE Classes Taught On-Site at your Agency During Day-Shift and Night-Shift for Officer Convenience.

  • Customized Class Schedules 27/7 Eliminates Work/Sleep Disruption for Deep Nights Officers.

  • Taught by TCOLE-Certified Instructors who are Active and Retired Texas Peace Officers/Supervisors.

  • Instruction Can be from Your Pre-Published Materials or We Can Develop Materials for your Agency.

  • TCOLE Class Completion Submissions are Handled by your Agency Training Coordinator.

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