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We specialize in serving North Texas Law Enforcement Agencies which do not have On-Staff PIOs, Social Media Managers or Web Designers.

 Small and medium size law enforcement agencies in the Dallas/Fort Worth region without PIOs, media relations personnel, web masters and technical resources can find it challenging to accurately and rapidly manage communications with citizens, news media reporters and across social media. Our PIO services packages are designed to provide these law enforcement agencies with comprehensive PIO services on a contract basis. 

  • Media Strategy Development - Create effective media communication strategies and media tactics.

  • News Management - Develop and manage agency news to ensure accuracy, truth in reporting.

  • Social Media Management - Create social media sites as primary citizen interactivity channel.

  • Website Design - Design comprehensive web sites which become the primary agency “news media” channel.

  • Crisis Communications Planning – For rapid and accurate communications during a major incident.

  • Major Incident Media Communications - 24/7 Response for accurate and rapid information management.

  • Event Management  - Development, management, promotion, photography, news coverage of agency events.

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