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Aransas Pass, TX PD Chief Makes Great Response to Complainer on Facebook

From Law Officer Magazine - Aransas Pass, Texas is a small city on-the-water in the Gulf near Corpus Christi. An APD officer conducted a routine traffic stop for speeding. The officer was very professional, polite and accommodating to the female driver of the vehicle he stopped. Even after the officer made an NCIC/TCIC check and found the driver had active Aransas Pass city traffic warrants he calmly explained to the driver what the warrants were for and took her into custody. The driver was not so polite, plus, she took to Facebook to complain about the officer. The APD Chief responded with a telephone call to the driver to discuss her "complaint" about how the traffic stop was handled and her treatment by the Officer. He then posted the body cam video of the traffic stop so the public could see first-hand the professionalism with which the Officer handled the incident. This is a great example of a small police agency becoming its own "media" using Facebook (as well as Twitter and the agency web site) to ensure the agency side of a story is delivered to the public in its entirety without media filtering/slant.

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