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"Improve Police Public Relations or Fail" and Best Way is Delivering Agency News Direct to Citizens

Every LEO has a Phone in their Pocket which Takes Pictures and Records Video. Every Shift has Memorable Incidents of Officers Doing Good. LEOs need to leverage each of these positive community interactions and show the citizens they serve what they are doing every day. These same positive messages will enhance command staff relationships with city/county administrations as well.

Like him or not, President Trump paved the way in creating his own media, and taking his communications directly to citizens. Every Agency has the means to do the same thing on a smaller local scale with a Website, Facebook and Twitter. Combine them all and Promote your officers' actions and agency brand at Every Opportunity. Use the same tactics and platform to delivery negative news, accurately and rapidly. Leonard Adams does an outstanding job in the article outlining how every officer can play a key role in using existing tools to show the citizens we serve that we are decent people doing an honorable job under immensely difficult circumstances. Most importantly, he talks about how LE no longer needs news media reporters to deliver news. (CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE)

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