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FB Guide for Law Enforcement Agencies

For the full Facebook Police Guide click - HERE

Facebook published this guide for law enforcement agencies. It provides an excellent overview for Police Departments, Sheriff's Offices and Constables for getting started on Facebook, and managing a law enforcement agency Facebook page. For law enforcement agencies the social media platform should include in order of important and use:

1-WEBSITE - Main Media Channel - where official press releases are posted first, along with a portfolio of published/broadcast news media stories.

2-TWITTER - Primary channel for all outbound communications - especially urgent broadcasts like impending danger (weather condition, hazmat incident, dangerous person) and provide a link to the same story on your Facebook page where readers can find details;

3-FACEBOOK - Two-way public interaction channel - Facebook is where you can publish in depth topic information and have unlimited two-way communications with those you serve. This "platform" of your Website, Twitter and Facebook provides you with your own "media" and enables you to render the traditional "news media" irrelevant. This will ensure you deliver factual, complete, unfiltered news to those you serve with reporters accidentally or intentionally altering it.

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